Monday, January 23, 2017

Andrew's Story

From his experience as a family member in the waiting room, to a heart patient, to a volunteer with Mended Hearts, Andrew Aldrich knows how much a cardiac event can change a life. That's why when he talks with patients and their loved ones now, he stresses two things above all else.

He tells them, "Life goes on," and to get up and walk every single day.

Watch Andrew's inspiring story here:

An active lifestyle is key not only to recovering after a surgery or heart episode, but to preventing one in the first place. Only about 30 percent of our health comes from genetic causes - the rest is in our control and eating well, staying active, not smoking and making other health-conscious choices are integral to maintaining health.

To learn more about the key choices you can make to keep your heart healthy, keep an eye on this blog - we will be updating it often with the latest in cardiac health news and tips. For more information, go to

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